PEHA - PT. Phapros Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Phapros Tbk (PEHA) posted growth in sales of ethical drugs, namely branded prescription drugs, up to 8.9% year-on-year (yoy) at the end of the first quarter of 2023. On the other hand, sales of PEHA's generic drugs have also increased by 7.2% yoy to IDR 123.9 billion in Q1 2023.

This achievement is reportedly in line with the company's vision to increase ethical drug products compared to generic drugs. "This growth in the ethical pillar is one of our strategies so that by the end of 2023, Phapros' product portfolio will consist of more than 60% branded drugs, and the rest will be generic drugs," Hadi Kardoko, President Director of Phapros, explained.

At the end of 2022, Phapros recorded an increase in net sales of 11.13% yoy to IDR 1.16 trillion. With this increase, PEHA's net profit also skyrocketed 153% to more than IDR 27 billion.

"Even though the company's performance in Q1 2023 has slightly corrected, PEHA's management remains optimistic that the year-end target will be achieved," added the company's management in a press release today (2/5). PEHA has prepared various strategies to welcome performance growth in 2023, starting from commercial, operational and organizational excellence, to digitalization and improving the quality of its human resources. (ZH/LM)