PTDU - PT. Djasa Ubersakti Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Djasa Ubersakti Tbk (PTDU) will offer 1.5 billion shares in a rights issue. The corporate action is projected to take place no later than 12 months since the approval from the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting on June 15.

In the information disclosure quoted Tuesday (9/5), Pio Hizkia Wehantouw, Director of Djasa Ubersakti, said that this rights issue will increase the company’s equity. “The proceeds from this rights issue will enhance the liquidity, which could be utilised as working capital to support business,” he added.

PTDU’s equity was worth IDR 69.11 billion in 2022, shrinking from IDR 95.64 billion in 2021. The liabilities were recorded at IDR 208.02 billion, climbing down from IDR 250.76 billion, while its assets shifted from IDR 346.40 billion to IDR 277.13 billion.

Until March 2023, PTDU’s shares were recorded at 1.5 billion units, 41.67% of them belongs to PT Teknindo Geosistem, followed by PT RSK Investasi of 31.67%, and the public of 26.66%. (LK/ZH)