ISAT - PT. Indosat Tbk

Rp 10.950

+275 (+2,58%)

JAKARTA - PT Indosat Tbk (ISAT) is gearing up towards the distribution of dividend of IDR 255.7 per share or equal to 43.6% of its 2022 net profit.

In the Annual Public Expose of Indosat this afternoon (15/5), the total dividend to be distributed by this telecommunication service provider is said to reach IDR 2.06 trillion. In 2022, ISAT recorded net profit of IDR 4.7 trillion.

On top of this dividend distribution and the net profit allocation, in the General Shareholders Meeting today (15/5), the shareholders collectively agreed to name Cheung Kwok Tung (Desmond Cheung) as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ISAT and Ahmad Zulfikar Said as the new Director and Chief Strategy & Execution Officer of ISAT. With the appointment of these new directors, ISAT now has 7 members in its board of directors.

Until Q1 2023, ISAT still managed to maintain the positive trend, scoring 9.9% year-on-year (yoy) increase in revenue, as well as an impressive surge in its net profit attributable to the parent entity of 621.6% yoy to IDR 929.1 billion. (ZH)