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JAKARTA - PT Ace Oldfields Tbk (KUAS) plans to distribute cash dividend of IDR 2.06 billion from its 2022 net profit. Said amount is higher than the dividend allocated from the 2021 net profit, which only reached IDR 1.42 billion.

Based on the data compiled by IDNFinancials today (17/5), KUAS scored IDR 153.82 billion of revenue, followed by the current year’s net profit of IDR 7.86 billion. The equity was recorded at IDR 149.15 billion.

In the Annual General Shareholders Meeting yesterday (15/5), the dividend distribution plan was approved by the shareholders that represent 1.29 billion shares, making the dividend equal to IDR 1.6 per share. The remaining IDR 5.79 billion is stored as mandatory reserves.

In 2022, it scored IDR 139.35 billion of revenue and IDR 6.17 billion of current year’s net profit. The total equity is equal to IDR 140.01 billion. In 2022, the dividend was set to IDR 1 per share. (LK/ZH)