BBYB - PT. Bank Neo Commerce Tbk

Rp 230

-6 (-2,54%)

JAKARTA - PT Gozco Capital had reportedly divested 100 million units of its shares planted in PT Bank Neo Commerce Tbk (BBYB) for IDR 58.5 billion. After the transaction last week (9/5), its stock portion is down to 9.7%.

In the information disclosure quoted Friday (19/5), Agnes Fibri Triliana Dewi, Corporate Secretary of Bank Neo Commerce, confirmed that the divestment price had been set to IDR 585 per share. Gozco Capital’s portion now shrinks to 1.16 billion shares or 9.7% of the initial 1.26 billion or 10.53% of the total listed shares of BBYB.

Until April 2023, this company recorded 12.03 billion of shares. PT Akulaku Silvrr Indonesia controls 26.594% of the shares, followed by PT Gozco Capital of 10.532%, Rockcore Financial of 6.122%, and the public of 56.752%.

The divestment price follows the closing price in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on May 9. On said day, the stock price once peaked at IDR 600 and hit the lowest at IDR 570 per share.

Last Wednesday (17/5), this company recorded stock price of IDR 555 per share, its lowest price until the closing bell, after hitting the peak at IDR 565 per share. (LK/ZH)