DCII - PT. DCI Indonesia Tbk

Rp 35.150

-1.350 (-3,70%)

JAKARTA - PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (DCII) plans to acquire 50.005% of PT Sarana Megahtama (SM). This shares acquisition plan is reportedly related to DCII’s objective to expand its data centre services.

Gregorius Nicholas Suharsono, Corporate Secretary of DCII, confirmed that post-transaction, DCII’s portion will rise to 50.005% of 10,0001 shares of SM. The remaining 49.995% belongs to PT Indotek Informatika. “The company will become the new controlling shareholder of Sarana Megahtama,” he added in the information disclosure today (24/5).

Until the first quarter of 2023, the issuer booked revenue of IDR 315.23 billion, massively increasing from IDR 215.26 billion seen in Q1 2022. Its operating profit also increased from IDR 98.64 billion to IDR 166.23 billion, as did its current year’s net profit from IDR 63.80 billion to IDR 121.42 billion. (LK/ZH)