JAKARTA. The number of bids included in the Government Securities (SUN) auction on Monday (29/5) reached IDR 58.44 trillion.

This amount is much higher than the indicative target submitted by the Government of Indonesia, which is IDR 17 trillion. Meanwhile, the maximum target that was conveyed was IDR 25 trillion.

There were 8 series of SUN offered in yesterday's auction. The highest bid was for the FR0096 series which reached IDR 14.72 trillion and the lowest bid was for the SPN03230829 series.

Of all the bids that came in, the nominal amount won by the Government of Indonesia was IDR 15 trillion.

According to data from idnfinancials.com, the Government of Indonesia had also previously held a SUN auction on May 16, 2023. In that auction, the number of bids that came in was recorded at IDR 65.45 trillion. Meanwhile, the nominal amount won was IDR 15 trillion. (KR/LM)