MLIA - PT. Mulia Industrindo Tbk

Rp 370

-6 (-1,60%)

JAKARTA - PT Mulia Industrindo Tbk (MLIA) will distribute dividends of IDR 171.99 billion from profits for the 2022 fiscal year. It is known that this issuer has not distributed dividends to its shareholders for 24 years.

In the disclosure published on Wednesday (31/5), Henry Bun, Corporate Secretary of PT Mulia Industrindo Tbk (MLIA) said that the company will distribute dividends of IDR 26 per share on (16/6) to shareholders who are registered in the Register of Shareholders (DPS). as of (9/6).

Cum and ex dividends on the regular market and negotiated market are scheduled for (26/5 and 8/6) and cum and ex dividends on the cash market on (9 and 12/6).

Net profit attributable to the parent entity was IDR 853.70 billion, retained earnings that were not restricted for use were IDR 362.03 billion, and total equity was IDR 4.48 trillion.

Based on the data compiled by, this issuer uses a net profit of IDR 647 billion in 2021 and IDR 55 billion for 2020 for investment and working capital. MLIA was recorded to have distributed dividends of IDR 2 per share from profits for the 1997 fiscal year.

As of April 2023, MLIA recorded 6.61 billion shares owned, among others, by PT Eka Gunatama Mandiri 41.45%, PT Mulia Graha Permai, and the public 32.75%. (LK/LM)