PTDU - PT. Djasa Ubersakti Tbk

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JAKARTA - The shareholders agreed upon PT Djasa Ubersakti Tbk's (PTDU) plan to raise fresh funds via a rights issue of 1.5 billion shares. This corporate action will be held no later than 12 months after the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) yesterday.

In the information disclosure quoted Tuesday (20/6), Pio Hizkia Wehantouw, Director of Djasa Ubersakti, claimed that this plan was approved by 99.9% of present attendees. "The EGMS was joined by shareholders representing 73.3% of the total shares with valid votes," he added.

The proceeds of this corporate action will be entirely utilised as working capital, thus increasing the liquidity of the company in promoting its work plans.

The shareholders who choose not to exercise their rights in this corporate action will have their portions diluted by a maximum of 50%.

Until May 2023, PTDU posted 1.5 billion shares, with the shareholder structure consisting of PT Teknindo Geosistem of 41.67%, PT RSK Investasi of 31.67%, and the public of 26.66%. (LK/ZH)