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JAKARTA. PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy Tbk (PGEO) has signed strategic partnerships with a number of parties to achieve the target of geothermal development in Indonesia.

The collaboration was signed at the 2023 Indonesia EBTKE Conference and Exhibition (ConEx) which took place from 12 July 2023, at ICE BSD Tangerang. "Apart from being an arena for promoting clean and sustainable energy in Indonesia, this activity is a momentum for PGE to run faster in developing its business going forward," said Julfi Hadi, President Director of PGEO.

Hadi said PGEO would cooperate with PT Pembangunan Aceh (PEMA) for the development of a geothermal working area in Seulawah, Aceh Province. Then, the company also collaborated with Chevron New Energy International for South Sumatra Grid Resources Confirmation with a capacity of 900 MW.

On the technology side, PGEO will also collaborate with PT Kaishan Orka Indonesia and PT Schlumberger Geophysics Nusantara. This collaboration is carried out to optimize technology using binary technology and the steam recovery method.

Hadi added, all of this cooperation was carried out in the ConEx EBTKE event. "This is our real effort in achieving the installed capacity target managed by PGE (installed capacity, own operations) of 1 Gigawatt (GW) in the next two years," said Hadi. (KR/LM)