CNMA - PT. Nusantara Sejahtera Raya Tbk

Rp 210

-2 (-1,00%)

JAKARTA - Foreign buying and selling volumes declined on Friday, August 4, compared to previous trading days. The total number of shares purchased by foreign investors was approximately 1.23 billion, while the total number of shares sold was 1.68 billion. As a result, the net foreign volume also fell this time, reaching -441,943,100 shares. The largest share sale, 449.15 million shares, was reported by digital ecosystem issuer PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO), with a net volume of around -341.94 million shares. Meanwhile, PT Nusantara Sawit Sejahtera Tbk (NSSS) reported foreign purchases of 37.42 million shares with a net volume of 35.55 million, making it the highest net volume this time.

Three SOEs then appear to be on the top sell list: the national bank PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI), the telecommunications company PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (TLKM), and the airline company PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (GIAA). Foreign investors sold over 92.66 million BBRI shares, nearly 50 million TLKM shares, and approximately 22.64 million GIAA shares. The net volume of BBRI was the second lowest after the amount for GOTO, which was around -40.19 million. Meanwhile, TLKM and GIAA reported net volumes in the negative 20–30 million share range. In addition to the three SOEs, broadcast media issuer PT Surya Citra Media Tbk (SCMA) also appeared on this list, with a sales volume of 40.92 million and a net volume of -31.13 million.

Foreign investors, on the other hand, purchased 35.61 million shares of minimarket company PT Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk (MIDI), with a net volume of 26.67 million. Furthermore, e-commerce company PT Tbk (BUKA) and cinema company PT Nusantara Sejahtera Raya Tbk (CNMA) both recorded net volumes of around 18–19 million shares, though foreign investors purchased more BUKA shares (51.14 million) than CNMA (23 million). Finally, mining holding company PT Delta Dunia Makmur Tbk (DOID) reported 15.79 million in foreign purchases but no significant sales, resulting in a relatively high net volume of 15.69 million shares. (KD)

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