VINS - PT. Victoria Insurance Tbk

Rp 165

-2 (-1,00%)

JAKARTA – PT Victoria Insurance Tbk (VINS) became the top gainers whilst the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) slowed down yesterday (31/8). VINS reportedly recorded 27.41% jump or IDR 37 per share until the end of yesterday’s session.

Based on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) data quoted today (1/9), VINS was closed at IDR 172, increasing from the previous closing price of IDR 135 per share. It peaked at IDR 182 and hit the lowest at IDR 125 per share.

The number of its shares being traded yesterday reached 4.61 million, all recorded within 1,745 transactions worth IDR 796.40 billion. Foreign buy was recorded at 416,100 shares, while the foreign sell reached 34,800 shares.

Then, PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk (HOKI) gained 25.51% stride or shifted IDR 25 per share. At yesterday’s closing bell, the stock price was seen at IDR 123 per share, growing from IDR 98 per share. The highest price arrived at IDR 132 per share, while the lowest was at IDR 95 per share.

The volume of traded shares was 447.50 million, all recorded within 17,876 transactions worth IDR 50.98 billion. The increase then drove higher purchases compared to stock collection, resulting in foreign sell of 27.75 million shares and foreign buy of 26.97 million shares. (LK/ZH)