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JAKARTA. PT Ifishdeco Tbk (IFSH), a nickel mining issuer, will transfer 5.65 million treasury shares through the management and employee share ownership program (MESOP) Phase II.

Previously, on August 29 and 30 2023, the company implemented the MESOP Phase I program. In this program, the company allocated 9.34 million shares.

"So there are 5.65 million remaining shares in the Company's MESOP program," wrote IFSH Management, in an information disclosure on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI).

The number of shares to be transferred is equivalent to 0.71% of the total issued and fully paid capital of the company. "This MESOP program will not cause dilution of share ownership because there will be no issuance of new shares," added IFSH Management.

Participants in the MESOP IFSH program are employees, directors and board of commissioners (except independent commissioners). In addition, program participants must have a minimum of 5 years of service. (KR/LM)