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JAKARTA - PT BFI Finance Tbk (BFIN) announces its upcoming products, consisting of unsecured financing and electric motorcycle financing.

According to Baskoro Wafdana, New Business Vice President of BFI Finance, during the Media Gathering of BFI Finance last Thursday (8/9), KTA is intended to facilitate the public in adopting new lifestyle post-pandemic. “We saw that there is a demand from the public,” he claimed.

Furthermore, BFIN also reveals to have mini-launched its electric motorcycle financing product in a limited scale, focused only in Greater Jakarta Area.

“We also pin our focus on local brands, such as Alpha, Selis, Smoot, United, and Volta, which all originate from Indonesia,” said Wafdana, whom is fondly called Abas.

Based on Abas’s explanation, the five electric motorcycle brands own manufacturing plants in Indonesia and has met the required Domestic Component Level set by the government. These brands also participate in the electric motorcycle subsidy program of the government.

“We are still focusing on two-wheelers,” added Abas. As of now, BFIN has partnered with 18 dealers in Greater Jakarta Area, and the number will keep rising each month.

Furthermore, the electric motorcycle financing product is said to be a proof of BFIN’s commitment to support the government’s clean energy transition initiatives, as well as leading to greener technology development. (ZH)