INET - PT. Sinergi Inti Andalan Prima Tbk

Rp 52

+1 (+1,96%)

JAKARTA – Until yesterday’s (14/9) closing bell, PT Golden Flower Tbk (POLU) had reportedly climbed 24.56% from its previous closing price. This surge allowed POLU to seize the top gainers title and replace PT Sinergi Inti Andalan Prima Tbk (INET) that has been demoted from the top 10 gainers’ list.

Based on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) data quoted Friday (15/9), POLU was closed at its peak at IDR 426 per share. It rose IDR 84 higher from the previous closing price of IDR 342 per share. It was once being traded at its lowest of IDR 362 per share.

The positive shift of Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) encouraged investors to earn their capital gain by selling off their portions, resulting in foreign sell of 24,400 shares and foreign buy of only 12,700 shares. The volume of traded shares clocked up to 655,600 shares, recorded within 414 transactions worth IDR 270.53 million in total.

Then, PT Reliance Sekuritas Indonesia Tbk (RELI) put itself in the runner-up position after scoring 23% surge in its price, closing at IDR 615 per share or IDR 115 higher than IDR 500 per share. The shares were being traded at the highest price of IDR 625 per share and the lowest at IDR 470.

The number of shares being traded was recorded at 194,100 shares in 293 transactions worth IDR 113.33 million. The positive sentiment towards JCI also drove investors to divest their shares, resulting in foreign sell of 9,200 shares and foreign buy of 4,500 shares. (LK/ZH)