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JAKARTA. ZKDigimax Pte Ltd, a joint venture (JV) established by PT Digital Mediatama Maxima Tbk (DMMX) and ZKTeco, has established an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based signage and peripheral production facility.

It is the first production plant initiated by ZKDigimax. The production facility is built in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

Supardi Tan, Chief Executive Officer of ZKDigimax,said that this production plant establishment is a form of commitment from ZKDigimax to provide a one-stop solution for global retailers through AI-based advanced technology. “It is specifically designed to cater to global retailers’ needs in applying Smart Retail Platform in their stores,” he explained through a written statement.

Meanwhile, Budiasto Kusuma, President Director of DMMX, mentioned that this initiative is expected to offer sustainable solution to retail business players in following the trend of consumer behaviour and industry competition in the digital era. “We are excited to complement this solution in Indonesia to promote acceleration of Indonesian retailers in welcoming Smart Retail era,” he explained thoroughly.

For the record, the retail signage and peripheral manufactured by ZKTeco is combined with Minerva AI infrastructure. It is intended to inspire interactive participation between retailers and their customers. (KR/ZH)