HATM - PT. Habco Trans Maritima Tbk

Rp 260

+2 (+0,78%)

JAKARTA - PT Habco Primatama (HP), the controller of PT Habco Trans Maritima Tbk (HATM) added 37.55 million shares worth a total of IDR 12.73 billion.

Antonius Limbong, Corporate Secretary of PT Habco Trans Maritima Tbk (HATM) said that HP carried out a share transaction at a price of IDR 339.01 per share, yesterday (21/9). "The purpose of the transaction is investment," he said in an information disclosure quoted on Friday (22/9).

After the transaction, HP's ownership rose 0.54% to 80.21% or 5.61 million from the previous 79.68% or 5.57 million shares.

As of August 2023, the number of HATM shares was recorded at 7 billion with HP's ownership portion being 79.68%, Benny's 0.12%, Cosmas Kiardi's 0.12%, Hasanul Arifin's 0.08%, and the public's 20%.

It is known that this issuer recorded a profit of IDR 89.52 billion in the first semester of 2023, an increase from the previous period in 2022 of IDR 66.79 billion. HATM's revenue was IDR 254.34 billion, growing from IDR 178.92 billion. (LK/LM)