JAKARTA. Mayapada Hospital Group, listed under the name PT Sejahteraraya Anugrahjaya Tbk (SRAJ), and two of its subsidiaries have been granted a loan facility of IDR 500 billion from PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance (IIF). Said proceeds will be used to expand hospitals and refinancing loans to Bank Mayapada International Tbk (BMII).

In the information disclosure in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), IDR 79 billion of said loan facility is said to be channelled to SRAJ, as the holding company. Then, PT Nusa Sejahtera Kharisma (NSK), one subsidiary in question, will receive IDR 270 billion, while another IDR 151 billion will be distributed to PT Sejahtera Abadi Solusi (SAS), another subsidiary of SRAJ that is engages in healthcare service sector.

Last week in Jakarta, Jonathan Tahir, Chairman and Group CEO of Mayapada Healthcare Group, mentioned that in the future, the company will establish more hospitals and is planning a refinancing. After officially obtaining this funding from IIF, SRAJ will begin the establishment of new hospital branch in East Jakarta at the end of 2023.

SRAJ is projected to spend over IDR 500 billion for the development of this new hospital branch. Meanwhile, CFO of Mayapada Healthcare Group, Mark Lee Kristomo, said that this new hospital is targeted to boost revenue in 2023. (AM/ZH)