EMDE - PT. Megapolitan Developments Tbk

Rp 129

-1 (-0,78%)

JAKARTA - The stock of PT Jaya Agra Wattie Tbk (JAWA) entered the top of the gainers' list after scoring 34.57% increase throughout yesterday's (4/10) session in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The stock shifted IDR 28 higher during the day.

Based on IDX data quoted Thursday (5/10), it was closed at its peak of IDR 109 per share, soaring from IDR 81 per share seen at yesterday's closing. The lowest transaction price was recorded at IDR 76 per share. 

The number of JAWA's shares being traded is 49.73 million, recorded within 2,942 transactions worth IDR 49.73 billion. Investors made use of this momentum to seek capital gain, as indicated from foreign sell of 1.81 million shares and foreign buy of 1.34 million shares.

Furthermore, PT Megapolitan Developments Tbk (EMDE) arrived at the runner-up position with 32.23% jump. It was closed at its highest price of IDR 160, IDR 39 higher from the previous closing price of IDR 121 per share, which was also its lowest price.

The increase does not receive the same enthusiasm from foreign investors, as foreign buy and sell were at zero. The volume of transaction reached 629,000 within 62 transactions worth IDR 99.30 million. (LK/ZH)