IOTF - PT. Sumber Sinergi Makmur Tbk

Rp 80

-4 (-5,00%)

JAKARTA – The stock of PT Sumber Energi Makmur Tbk (IOTF) shot up, gaining 35% jump during its debut in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) yesterday (6/10). This increase brought IOTF to reign over other top 10 gainers in the list.

Based on IDX data quoted Monday (9/10), IOTF’s shares were being traded for IDR 100 per share during morning session, before being closed at IDR 135 per share, also its peak throughout the day. The lowest price of IOTF was recorded at IDR 120 per share.

The inflating price did not automatically attract foreign investors in. Instead, IOTF’s shares were mass-divested by investors to score short-term capital gain. Foreign sell was recorded at 378,200, whereas foreign buy was zero. The volume of the transaction was seen stuck at 104.58 million within 5,528 transactions worth IDR 14.07 billion.

On the other hand, PT Himalaya Energi Perkasa Tbk (HADE) rested at the runner-up position, thanks to its 33.33% increase. A white-chip stock, its price only increased IDR 1 to IDR 4 per share from the initial closing price of IDR 3 per share.

The volume of HADE’s shares being traded reached 1.30 million in 83 transactions worth IDR 5.21 million. It does not attract any foreign investors, as foreign sell and buy remained nil. (LK/ZH)