CITY - PT. Natura City Developments Tbk

Rp 55

-1 (-1,82%)

JAKARTA – The stock of PT Lovina Beach Brewery Tbk (STRK) remained unchallenged at the top of the gainers’ list on its second day after debuting publicly yesterday (11/10). It rose 34.81%, slightly weakening from the previous 35% surge.

Based on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) data quoted Thursday (12/10), it was closed at its peak of IDR 182 per share, shifting IDR 47 from the previous closing price of IDR 135 per share. The lowest it went was IDR 170 per share.

This volume of traded shares clocked up to 555.76 million, recorded within 26,017 transactions worth IDR 100.52 billion. The inflating price for two consecutive days convinced investors to collect more of STRK’s shares, as foreign buy reached 4.66 million, and foreign sell was recorded at 804,300 shares.

Meanwhile, PT Natura City Developments Tbk (CITY) rose to the runner-up position after scoring 34.33% increase. It was closed at its peak of IDR 90 per share, shifting IDR 23 from the initial closing price of IDR 67 per share. Throughout the session, the lowest transaction price was IDR 68 per share.

Approximately 46.87 million shares of CITY were being traded in 4,311 transactions worth IDR 4.03 billion. The foreign buy was recorded at 675,100 shares, whereas foreign sell reached 696,900 shares. (LK/ZH)