BKDP - PT. Bukit Darmo Property Tbk

Rp 52

-1 (-2,00%)

JAKARTA – The stock of PT Bukit Darmo Property Tbk (BKDP) reportedly rose 34% last week (20/10), bringing it to the leading position out of other top 10 gainers.

Based on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) data quoted Monday (23/10), the shares increased IDR 17 until the closing bell, arriving at the peak of IDR 67 per share from the initial IDR 50 per share, which was also the lowest transaction price recorded.

Investors responded to this trend with mass-divestment, as foreign sell clocked up to 129,300, while foreign buy was 37,600 shares. The volume of traded shares was 52.31 million, recorded within 4,402 transactions worth IDR 3.20 billion.

Furthermore, PT PAM Mineral Tbk (NICL) also soared 24.58% to the runner-up position. The stock was closed, also at its peak, at IDR 294 per share. It shifted IDR 58 from the initial closing price of IDR 236 per share. The lowest it went was IDR 240 per share.

The volume of traded shares was recorded at 248.66 million within 20,293 transactions worth IDR 69.05 billion. Positive sentiment was then made, bringing investors to acquire more of NICL’s shares. Foreign buy was recorded at 17.84 million, higher than foreign sell of 16.60 million shares. (LK/ZH)