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JAKARTA - PT Carsuin Tbk (CRSN) purchased shophouse (ruko) building assets worth IDR 17.20 billion from an unaffiliated party. Sources of funding to purchase these assets are internal cash and bank loans.

Franciska Nilawati, Corporate Secretary of PT Carsurin Tbk (CRSN) said that the assets purchased included one shophouse unit in the name of Thomas and three units in the name of PT Indospirit Natura (IN) with Building Use Rights Certificate (SHGB). "The source of funds for the purchase was IDR 3.2 billion from internal cash and IDR 14 billion from a loan to Bank Central Asia (BCA)," she said in an information disclosure quoted on Tuesday (24/10).

The transaction value is below 20% of CRSN's total equity as of December 2022 of IDR 114.52 billion. Company cash will decrease according to the amount of the transaction.

According to her, the shophouse asset will function as a company office.

As of June 2023, CRSN's revenue was recorded at IDR 197.88 billion, up from IDR 156.09 billion from the same period in 2022. Operating profit was IDR 18.15 billion, up from IDR 11.32 billion and net profit was IDR 11.11 billion. grew from IDR 5.72 billion. (LK/LM)