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JAKARTA - PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk (IMPC) is confident that it will score profit of approximately over IDR 400 billion at the end of this year. It is stated by Haryanto Tjiptodihardjo, President Director of IMPC, during an interview with IDNFinancials today (20/11).

According to Tjiptodihardjo, this achievement is attainable as at the end of Q3 2023, the company already scored current year’s net profit of IDR 349.27 billion. However, the exact number cannot be disclosed as there are still two months left in 2023.

In Q3 2023, this issuer scored revenue of IDR 2.08 trillion, shifting from IDR 2.02 trillion seen in the same period last year. The domestic revenue arrived at IDR 1.65 trillion, increasing from IDR 1.55 trillion, while export sales clocked up to IDR 498.42 billion, declining from IDR 527.76 billion

It is said that the revenue growth this year will be driven by domestic market sales, while export is projected to keep shrinking due to current global issues. “The revenue decline from export is due to global situation that also sets off interest rate increase,” Tjiptodihardjo mentioned.

In 2022, IMPC recorded revenue of IDR 2.80 trillion and current year’s net profit of IDR 312.50 billion. The performance of this company has consistently increased from 2020, with total revenue reaching IDR 1.79 trillion, while in 2021, it rose to IDR 2.22 trillion. (LK/ZH)