BEEF - PT. Estika Tata Tiara Tbk

Rp 244

-4 (-2,00%)

JAKARTA - Diana Dewi, owner of Asian Agri Pte Ltd (AAI) will take 6.88% of the shares in PT Estetika Tata Tiara Tbk (BEEF) via a tender offer which took place from last week (23/11) to (27/12). The maximum shares offered are 483.47 million shares at a price of IDR 123 per share or a total value of IDR 59.46 billion.

In an information disclosure quoted on Monday (27/11), Diana Dewi is the holder of 35% of the shares in PT Suri Nusantara Jaya (SNJ), a distributor and importer of frozen meat. A number of this company's trademarks include TokoDaging Nusantara, SNJ Logistic, and SNJ Cold Storage.

Previously on (23/6), AAI took over BEEF via a company debt conversion scheme into 81.59% shares. On (16/10), AAI shareholders, namely, Refin Satrio and Reria Erhar, transferred their ownership to Diana Dewi. So after the transaction, Diana Dewi became the indirect controller of BEEF via AAI. There is no affiliate relationship between the transacting parties. (LK/LM)