UNVR - PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk

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JAKARTA – Ira Noviarti is crowned the Best CEO in Consumer Products by Tempo-IDNFinancials during the appreciation night of TOP CEO Awards 2023 at Sofitel Nusa Dua Beach Resort, Bali last Friday (1/12). The assessment took place way before she announced her resignment from her position as CEO of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR) on October 10.

In 2022, Unilever Indonesia managed to score revenue of IDR 41.21 trillion, shifting from IDR 39.54 trillion seen in 2021. The profit shrank to IDR 5.36 trillion from IDR 5.75 trillion. In Q4 2022, they recorded the highest stock price of IDR 5,475 per share, shifting from IDR 4,340 per share seen at the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, the lowest point was at IDR 4,460 per share, increasing from IDR 3,280 per share. The closing price in Q4 was seen at IDR 4,700, much higher than the closing price of IDR 3,660 per share in Q1 2022.

In 2022, during her term in UNVR, Noviarti prioritised e-everything program, upstream-to-downstream business process transformation, operational integration, as well as data and technology utilisation, so that the user receives an optimum service. Still in the same year, she restructured the business into five groups, consisting of beauty & well-being, personal care, home care, nutrition, dan ice-cream.

For the record, Noviarti was officially appointed as CEO of Unilever Indonesia during the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on November 25, 2020. (LK/ZH)