ERAA - PT. Erajaya Swasembada Tbk

Rp 390

+4 (+1,00%)

JAKARTA. Indo Ventures Indonesia Sdn. Bhd. has officially entered as an investment partner in the joint venture company owned by PT Erajaya Swasembada Tbk (ERAA).

Amelia Allen, Head of Legal Affairs & Corporate Secretary of ERAA, said that the arrival of Indo Ventures replaced Charming Pharmacy Retail Management Sdn. Bhd, which previously controlled 50.10% of the shares in PT Era Caring Indonesia (ECI). For the record, ECI is a joint venture founded by Charming Pharmacy and ERAA in 2021.

The investment issued by Indo Ventures to take over all ECI shares from Charming Pharmacy was IDR 40.08 billion. "There has been a change in ECI share ownership amounting to IDR 50.10% which was previously owned by Charming Pharmacy to become Indo Ventures," said Allen, through his official statement.

Meanwhile, ERAA's share ownership portion in ECI remains at 49.90% of the shares. The company's investment in ECI was carried out through PT Era Prima Indonesia, one of the subsidiaries owned by the company.

In today's trading, ERAA's share price closed down 8 points or 2.29% to IDR 340 per share. Meanwhile, in trading over the past year, the company's share price fell 64 points or 15.84%. (KR/LM)