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JAKARTA – Earlier this year, several issuers with market capitalisation under IDR 100 trillion recorded fantastic surge in its stock price percentage amongst hundreds of issuers listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

The data compiled by IDNFinancials today (5/2), PT Sahid Jaya Hotel Tbk (SHID) was recorded as the company with the highest increase in stock price throughout January 2024. It was closed at IDR 2,190 on January 31, skyrocketing 242.18% from IDR 640 per share seen on January 2.

This stock price surge went hand-in-hand with increases in transaction frequency and volume during the trading sessions. On January 31, transaction volume clocked up to 84,309 shares, recorded within 168 transactions, which were higher than 66,400 shares traded within 153 transactions seen in early January 2024.

At the runner-up, sat PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk (FORU), which recorded 171.11% price increase to IDR 366 per share from IDR 135 per share. The transaction volume of this stock reached 282,606 shares on January 2, despite several suspensions by IDX following unusual cumulative price surge of FORU’s stock.

The third position is occupied by PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk (DIGI) that rose 133.33% to IDR 21 from IDR 9. Total traded shares clocked up to 885,200 from only 627,400, while transaction frequency increased from 55 to 64 per day.

Then, in the fourth spot was PT Sejahteraraya Anugerahraya Tbk (SRAJ), recording 96.07% increase from IDR 306 to IDR 600 per share. The volume and frequency of the transactions reached IDR 3.95 billion and 2,892 shares, shifting to IDR 8,40 billion and 6,017 shares. (LK/ZH)