JAKARTA – PT Pegadaian booked net profit of IDR 4.37 trillion throughout 2023, 32.64% higher than IDR 3.29 trillion seen in 2022. Its operating profit were also seen increasing from IDR 4.32 trillion to IDR 5.68 trillion.

Based on the 2023 Financial Report quoted Wednesday (7/2), Pegadaian scored operating revenue of IDR 24.43 trillion, 6.80% year-on-year (yoy) higher than IDR 22.87 trillion. The most extensive contributor of revenue was capital lease and administration of IDR 15.98 trillion, followed by gold sales of IDR 7.89 trillion, and other businesses of IDR 464.39 billion.

For comparison, in 2022, capital lease and administration contributed IDR 14.36 trillion to the revenue, followed by gold sales of IDR 8.17 trillion and other business lines of IDR 338.48 billon. Its total assets were recorded at IDR 82.58 trillion, shifting from IDR 73.32 trillion, while liabilities were at IDR 49.94 trillion, swelling from IDR 44.91 trillion. (LK/ZH)