LIVE - PT. Homeco Victoria Makmur Tbk

Rp 177

-2 (-1,00%)

JAKARTA – Officially making its mark in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) today (12/2), PT Homeco Victoria Makmur Tbk (LIVE), a household equipment distributor and provider, is getting ready for expanding its products and market scope.

Ellies Kiswoto, President Director of LIVE, reveals her vision for the company in the future, following its debut on the board. “Essentially, we wish to expand our product category, as well as our products, and in the future, we will expand our distribution points and increase the number of our point-of-sales,” she added.

Until now, LIVE has over 40,000 point-of-sales. “As of now, our distribution points have spanned across Indonesia,” said Kiswoto.

On top of point-of-sales, Kiswoto also mentions LIVE’s plan to expand its market, acquiring millennials and gen Z customers.

“I believe, now, millennials and gen Z are more concerned with healthy living and sustainability issues. That is our target market,” claimed Kiswoto further. In addition to household products, LIVE indeed distributes reusable tumblers, food containers, and cutleries.

Furthermore, the company claims to be in the process of exploring brand acquisition, as well as partnering with both local and international companies.

Until today’s (12/2) closing bell, LIVE arrived at IDR 174 per share, recording 17.57% surge or 26 points increase from its IPO price, of IDR 148 per share. Therefore, as of today (12/2), its market cap has almost reached 800 billion, exactly at IDR 799.18 billion. (ZH)