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JAKARTA - PT Volta Indonesia Semesta, a subsidiary of PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk (MCAS) engaged in the clean energy field, is eyeing an approximate of 64% growth in electric motorcycle sales to 18 thousand units at the end of 2024.

According to Stanley Tjiandra, Group Head of Investor Relation of MCAS, until the end of 2023, electric motorcycle sales of Volta reached 11 thousand units. “The target for this year is approximately 18 thousand units, conservatively. The sky-blue scenario is 30 thousand units,” he added.

This year, Volta is indeed planning the launch of three new electric motorcycle models. One of the latest model, called Cyrus, is ready for launch in the next two months.

“At least we will launch 3 new models. The displayed ones in IIMS [Indonesia International Motor Show] are only 2 models, there will be another one in the future. Maybe mid-year, we will launch another. We wish to enter the middle-up segment,” Okie Octavia Kurniawan, CEO of Volta Group, revealed during Media Gathering of MCAs today (20/2).

“We plan to launch the model whose price range lies above Rp20 million. However, with the government’s subsidy, it is expected to reach below Rp20 million, anyway,” Kurniawan added.

Until now, the price of Volta products fits the middle-class users, ranging from IDR 15 to 20 million. With the government’s electric motorcycle subsidy of IDR 7 million, the price of Volta products may arrive at below IDR 10 million.

According to Kurniawan, with the utilisation of electric motorcycles being dominated by ride-hailing drivers in Greater Jakarta Area, Volta aims to expand outside Java. It is worth mentioning that in addition to electric motorcycle sales, Volta is offering an integrated solution for electric motorcycle ecosystem, including establishment of Battery Swap Station (BSS) and electric motorcycle rental service, which are categorised as bike-as-a-service segment.

“In the near future, we will launch in Bali, then East Java and Central Java. Maybe next month, we will launch our bike-as-a-service or electric motorcycle rental service in Bali,” said Kurniawan further. (ZH)