NICE - PT. Adhi Kartiko Pratama Tbk

Rp 840

-5 (-0,60%)

JAKARTA - PT Adhi Kartiko Pratama Tbk (NICE) and PT Multi Spunindo Jaya Tbk (MSJA) were seen rising after making its debut in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Both issuers listed themselves on the board on January 9 and 10 with an offering price of IDR 438 and IDR 300 per share, respectively.

Based on the data compiled by IDNFinancials today (21/2), NICE was closed at IDR 625 per share at yesterday’s (20/2) closing bell, 42.69% higher than its initial price. Yesterday, it was traded at the highest of IDR 640 and the lowest of IDR 540.

When debuting, it listed 6.08 billion shares, consisting of 4.86 billion of founders’ shares and public’s portion of 1.21 billion shares. The shareholders consist of PT Energy Battery 60%, PT Sungai Mas Minerals 10.43%, PT Inti Mega Ventura 9.57%, and the public of 20%. The controlling party of this company is a private, limited company, LX International Corp that is headquartered in Gwanghwamoon, Seoul, South Korea.

The transaction volume reached 94.22 million, recorded within 10.898 transactions worth IDR 56.42 billion. The positive trend tempted investors to divest more, as foreign sell was recorded at 32.80 million, while foreign buy clocked up to 4.61 million.

Meanwhile, MSJA reported 19.33% increase to IDR 358 per share at yesterday’s (20/2) closing bell. The transaction volume amounted to 50.86 million shares, traded 6,213 times and valued at total IDR 17.43 billion. Foreign sell and buy were seen at 1.81 million and 1.37 million shares, respectively.

The listed shares were 5.88 billion, comprising founders’ shares of 5 billion and public’s of 882.35 million shares. The shareholders consist of Harry Herjanto 12.716%, as well as Hartono Herjanto Lunardi Basuki, and Sasongko Basuki of 6.356% each, Maju Selaras of 53.12%, and the public of 15%. (LK/ZH)