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JAKARTA. PT Sentra Makmur Lines (SML), a subsidiary of PT Transcoal Pacific Tbk (TCPI) engaged in the shipping industry, has signed a credit facility agreement with one of state-owned banks.

The total facility received by SML is set to a maximum of IDR 1.34 trillion. The credit facility consists of 5 investment credit facilities.

Bintang Septo Drestanto, Director of SML, did not specifically disclose the name of the creditor bank. “It is one of government or state-owned banks,” claimed Drestanto in the information disclosure in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) today (22/2).

With this credit facility, Drestanto said that the company’s business is believed to be able to grow positively. “It will then increase the company’s revenue,” he added.

According to IDNFinancials data, SML started its commercial operation in 2009. This company, operating in South Kalimantan, recorded total assets before elimination of IDR 743.04 billion as of September 30, 2023.

Meanwhile, TCPI’s total consolidated assets were recorded at IDR 3.12 trillion, while the total equity clocked up to IDR 1.71 trillion. (KR/ZH)