GLVA - PT. Galva Technologies Tbk

Rp 406

+38 (+10,33%)

JAKARTA - PT Elsiscom Prima Karya (EPK) collects fresh funds of IDR 11.33 billion after divesting 27.5 million of its shares in PT Galva Technologies Tbk (GLVA) in a series of transaction last week.

In the information disclosure quoted today (29/2), Maria Fransiska, Director of Galva Technologies, confirmed that EPK had divested 20.5 million shares on February 20 and another 7 million earlier this week (26/2), for IDR 412 each.

Post-transaction, GLVA’s portion went down 1.84% to 63.65% (954.78 million shares) from the previous 65.49% (982.28 million) of total listed shares of 1.5 billion.

As of January 2023, the shareholder composition was made up of controllers of 2.45% and non-controllers of 97.55%. EPK has 65.49% of the shares, followed by Oki Widjaya of 2.45%, and the public of 32.06%.

The selling price of EPK’s shares in GLVA arrived below the closing price on February 26, at IDR 428 per share. The highest transaction price was IDR 432, and the lowest was recorded at IDR 418 per share. (LK/ZH)