DGNS - PT. Diagnos Laboratorium Utama Tbk

Rp 222

-6 (-3,00%)

JAKARTA. PT Diagnos Laboratorium Utama Tbk (DGNS), a medical laboratory service provider under PT Bundamedik Tbk (BMHS), booked a loss of IDR 13.65 billion in 2023.

This was the first loss recorded by DGNS since debuting on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2021. According to IDNFinancials data, the company managed to score net profit of IDR 12.66 billion in 2022 and IDR 64.3 billion in 2021.

DGNS’s loss in 2023 was in line with the slowing down of its revenue, only reaching IDR 145.69 billion. Its revenue in 2023 dropped 24.5% from 2022 revenue, which amounted to IDR 192.88 billion.

Most of DGNS’s revenue in 2023 was brought in by related parties, including doctor referral and corporate clients, which generated income of IDR 98.6 billion. The remaining portion came from third parties.

In terms of assets, DGNS’s assets in 2023 rose 13% yoy to IDR 271.47 billion, whereas its equity shrank 6.8% yoy to IDR 195.59 billion.

For the record, DGNS conducted its IPO on January 15, 2021. In the public offering, the company issued 250 million shares, equal to 20% of total issued and paid-up capital. In this corporate action, the company managed to rake in fresh funds of IDR 50 billion. (KR/ZH)