BUMI - PT. Bumi Resources Tbk

Rp 92

-2 (-2,00%)

JAKARTA - Foreign investors purchased more shares than they sold on Wednesday, March 20. This brought the foreign buying volume to 3.61 billion shares, while the foreign selling volume was just about 3.46 billion shares. Thus, net foreign volume closed at 152.60 million shares. The shares of the digital company PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO) were the most purchased, with 1.68 billion shares and a net volume of 368.22 million shares, unchanged from the previous day.

PT Estee Gold Feet Tbk (EURO) shares in the aerosol services sector had the same purchase and net volume of 53.04 million shares because no foreign investors sold any of their shares. Approximately 106.45 million shares of the state-owned banking institution PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI) were then purchased, totaling 51.88 million shares. The share purchases from two companies resulted in a net volume of around 30 million shares each: shares of the household appliance retail company PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk (ACES), which were purchased for 168.07 million shares, and shares of the electric vehicle distributor company PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk (VKTR), which were purchased for 71.35 million shares.

In the share sales list, about 168.92 million shares of PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) in the coal mining sector were sold, with a net volume of -96.72 million shares. Shares of e-commerce company PT Bukalapak.com Tbk (BUKA) were sold as well for 250.49 million shares with a net volume of -77.70 million shares. Apart from that, 71.97 million shares of the banking company PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk (BABP) were sold, with no shares bought, resulting in a negative net volume at the same number. In the property sector, foreign investors sold 52.29 million shares of PT Puradelta Lestari Tbk (DMAS) for a net volume of -30.74 million shares. The sale of 33 million shares of PT Merdeka Battery Materials Tbk (MBMA), the manufacturer of electric car batteries, concluded the net foreign list with a net volume of -24.99 million shares. (KD)

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