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JAKARTA - At the beginning of the week (1/4), PT Wijaya Cahaya Timber Tbk (FWCT) shares gained 22.06%, reaching the Top Gainers among the top 10 top gainers on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The company's shares rose IDR 15 to IDR 83 from the closing price of IDR 68 per share on the weekend (28/3).

Quoted from IDX data, the shares of this issuer were traded at the highest price of IDR 91 per share and had entered the lowest price at IDR 69 per share. This lowest price is up one point from the closing price at the end of last week around IDR 68 per share.

Throughout the day, the volume of FWCT shares was traded amounting to 114.69 million in 8,563 times worth IDR 9.91 billion. However, the high frequency was only among domestic investors. Foreign sell and foreign buy were recorded nil until the close of afternoon transactions.

Meanwhile, the increase in shares of PT Gaya Abadi Sempurna Tbk (SLIS) in the range of 21.43%, was in the runner-up position of top gainers. The share price closed at IDR 68, the highest price, up IDR 12 from the previous closing price of IDR 56 per share. The lowest price was traded at IDR 55 per share.

Meanwhile, the volume of shares of this issuer was traded as much as 113.82 million in 6,491 times worth IDR 7.24 billion. Positive sentiment on this issuer encouraged foreign investors to take profits. Foreign sell was recorded at 4.12 million and foreign buy 29,800 shares. (LK/LM)