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JAKARTA – PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk (PRDA), a company managing Prodia laboratory network, has allocated IDR 155.6 billion to be distributed to its shareholders as cash dividend.

This amount is equal to 60% of Prodia’s net profit in 2023. Last year, its saw 30.2% year-on-year (yoy) decline in net profit, from IDR 371.6 billion to only IDR 259.3 billion at the end of December 2023.

Net profit in 2023 went even slightly lower than IDR 268.7 billion recorded in 2020. Since last year, Prodia has indeed observed normalisation in its revenue and net profit post-pandemic.

“Normalisation occurs due to increased operational costs and weak revenue growth in 2023,” added the management during Public Expose today (18/4).

According to Financial Report 2023, PRDA’s revenue was indeed seen climbing as little as 2% yoy to IDR 2.22 trillion from IDR 2.18 trillion in 2022.

In regard to the dividend distribution plan, with total listed shares of 937.5 million, the dividend per share is set to IDR 165.97.

Then, in line with its net profit trend, the allocation of this upcoming dividend per share for the fiscal year 2023 is also the lowest in the past four years.

In 2023, PRDA distributed dividend per share of IDR 237.85 from its 2022 net profit, and in 2022, it allocated its highest dividend per share yet, of IDR 397.83 per share. Meanwhile, in 2021, PRDA gave out dividend per share of IDR 172.

“We express our appreciation for our shareholders. Even when out net profit decreases, it will not lower our dividend payout ratio,” added Liana Kuswandi, Director of Finance of Prodia. (ZH)