GRPM - PT. Graha Prima Mentari Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Graha Prima Mentari Tbk (GRPM) will acquire 51% of PT Tri Usaha Jaya (TUJ), owned by Hendriyanto Lime (HL), worth IDR 16.25 billion. After this transaction, the composition TUJ’s shareholders will be HL of 46.78%, GRPM of 51%, and Rudiyanto Lime of 2.22%.

In the prospectus quoted Tuesday (23/4), HL is listed as the owner of 97.78% of TUJ’s shares and 5.23% of GRPM. However, HL is not the main shareholder of GRPM. Thus, this transaction is not categorised as an affiliate transaction, according to the Rules No.42/Peraturan OJK.04/2020 regarding Affiliate Transaction and Transaction with Conflict of Interests.

As of now, TUJ reported issued and paid-up capital of IDR 31.74 billion and authorised capital of IDR 120.99 billion. Aside from HL, TUJ’s another shareholder is Gideon Rudiyanto Liem, with portion of 2.22%.

Meanwhile, GRPM recorded authorised capital of IDR 123.6 billion, issued and paid-up capital of IDR 38.62 billion, as well as stock in portfolio of IDR 84.97 billion. The shareholders of GRPM include Rudy Susanto Wijaya of 56%, Agus Susanto of 24.70%, and public investors of 19.30%.

This transaction is categorised as material transaction as the value exceeds 20% of total equity of GRPM as of December 2023, which clocked up to IDR 70.57 billion. The proportion of total assets and operating revenue between GRPM an TUJ exceeds 50%. (LK/ZH)