GRPM - PT. Graha Prima Mentari Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Graha Prima Mentari Tbk (GRPM), a distributor of carbonated drinks, will expand its distribution network by acquiring 51% of PT Tri Usaha Jaya (TUJ). The total transaction amounts to IDR 16.25 billion, 1.11% lower than IDR 16.43 billion recorded in the market.

In the information disclosure quoted today (28/5), TUJ’s shares acquired by GRPM are originally owned by Hendriyanto Liem (HL), the owner of 97.78% of TUJ’s issued and paid-up capital, worth IDR 31.78 billion. The remaining 2.22% belong to Gideon Rudiyanto Liem. TUJ’s authorised capital was recorded at IDR 120.99 billion, and stock in portfolio was worth IDR 89.24 billion. GRPM and TUJ are not affiliated.

The approval regarding this transaction plan will be further decided during Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled on May 30. Prior to this, the transaction agreement was signed on April 19, and the transaction is said to be completed by June 30, 2024.

After this transaction, TUJ’s shareholder structure will consist of Hendriyanto Liem of 46.78%, GRPM of 51%, and Gideon Rudiyanto Liem of 2.22%. (LK/ZH)