JAKARTA - GoFood transactions in GoJek application are claimed to show an increasing trend in the January-August 2019 period compared to the same period last year. This was stated by VIP Corporate Affairs for Food Ecosystem Go Food, PT Gojek Indonesia Rosel Lavina some time ago related to food transactions in GoFood.

According to her, currently, number of new culinary trends have sprung up and become merchants on GoFood. A number of culinary merchants even experienced a transaction increase for more than 100%. The increase in transactions of merchants is due to the promotion activities that have been conducted intensively. "The determining factor to this culinary trend is that they like to join promo event on GoFood application," she said.

Merchants who are in actively join on promotion in GoFood apps, she said, also recorded a revenues increase for around 60%. The highest transactions came from Java island, with Jabodetabek area that dominated with merchant transactions. (LK/W)