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JAKARTA - The income performance of PT Patra Supplies and Services, a subsidiary of PT Island Concepts Indonesia Tbk (ICON), experiences a slowdown as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak continues to spread. Currently, the number of tourist arrivals in Bali also get the impact as more cases are found in some countries, which also affects the rate on the tourism sector within the country.

PT Patra Supplies and Service Director Octavianus Kuntjoro said that he hoped the crisis of Covid-19 could be over soon as it would give some impacts on the tourist destination within our Country, especially in Bali. "The main market conditions in Bali, especially due the coronavirus, are getting low; we hope for the outbreak to be over soon, so there will be more tourists like in the previous," he said.

According to him, the hotel occupancy rate has decreased about 30% in February 2020, when it compared to before the Covid-19 outbreak. The property segment also experienced a decrease in demands from investors due to the outbreak. (LK/W)