JAKARTA - The Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) is encouraging local investors to be more active in daily stock transactions. Currently, the number of investors conducting daily transactions is around 150,000 out of 4.7 million active investors.

Irvan Susandy, the Director of Trading and Member Regulation at BEI, stated that the participation of young investors in daily transactions is still relatively small compared to the total number of investors, which is approximately 4.7 million. “This is our task, in addition to increase the number of investors in the capital market. The Exchange is encouraging investors to continue in transaction every day,” he said during the launch discussion of Index52 in Jakarta (June 23).

According to him, a decline in the number of investors engaging in daily transactions is also experienced in several regional exchanges. The upcoming political year may have a slight impact on the capitalmarket, but the most influential factors on the market are global situations, similar to the previous year.

“The movement of the index related to this political year will not always show positive growth, but there were some years with negative growth,” he said. He also mentioned that as of June 2023, foreign inflows have reached Rp 16.4 trillion. From meetings with several foreign investors, the response to BEI remains positive. "We hope that this condition can be maintained together. That everything will go well this year so that the perception of our country from foreigners will keep positive," he added. (LK/W)