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JAKARTA - PT Temas Tbk (TMAS) will acquire a new vessel weighing 8,000 deadweight tonnage (DWT) in 2024. This plan had been continuously postponed for two years following the boat price surge during COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with IDNFinancials yesterday (25/10), Faty Khusumo, President Director of Temas, mentioned that the new vessel acquisition had been planned two years ago. However, it keeps getting pushed back as the ship price increased 10-15 times higher. “We expect it to be realised starting next year, as the condition starts to normalise,” she mentioned.

According to Khusumo, her company has made an order for a vessel from a shipyard in China. So far, the plan has entered the negotiation phase with the shipyard party regarding the price and the required specification.

As of now, TMAS is operating 50 units of vessels with a utilisation rate of 100%. From those 50 units, 47 are container ships serve domestic shipping route, while the other 3 heavy-lift cargo ships serve transcontinental routes.

It is known that Temas’s subsidiary, PT Temas Shipping (TS) has established a subsidiary engaged in energy cargo shipping, PT Temas Energy (TE). It was formed with an authorised capital of IDR 1 billion and issued and paid-up capital of IDR 300 million. PT Temas Port, another subsidiary, also recently introduced PT Temas Port Maluku Utara (TPMU), a stevedoring company.

TMAS’s revenue in H1 2023 was at IDR 2.10 trillion, declining from IDR 2.32 trillion seen in H1 2022. Its current year’s profit also dropped from IDR 686.75 billion to IDR 417.95 billion. (LK/ZH)