JAKARTA - OY Indonesia, a financial technology platform, is focusing on market expansion to regions
outside Java Island to reap profits in 2024.

Jesayas Fernandius, CEO, and Co-Founder of OY Indonesia, stated that this year they aim to demonstrate
that as a fintech platform, they can grow positively. ";As a fintech company or start-up, perhaps at our
level, maybe we can no longer be considered a startup because we have grown quite significantly. In
2024, we are proving to the market, proving to investors, proving to everyone that our economic unit
makes sense," said he, some time ago.

According to him, they will seek collaboration with various parties and demonstrate that the business
unit they are engaged in is widely accepted. Therefore, business growth will proceed a bit slowly,
different from before when they prioritized rapid business growth.

"In my previous company,s experience, we wanted to drive growth first. If you drive growth so fast,
sometimes collaboration cannot happen because if you want fast growth, it is usually a lonely way," he

He mentioned that the company"s business growth will not be as aggressive as before. "We are truly
approving, truly solving the real problem, and then we see a positive economic unit, and then we invite
banks again. In this expansion, we find that solving the problem in Java, we might start exploring
Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi," he said. (LK/W)