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JAKARTA – PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk (PRDA), through its subsidiary, PT Prodia Digital Indonesia (PRDI), recently launched U by Prodia to further its progress in the establishment of the digital healthcare ecosystem.

The mobile application contains several functions, including its foremost feature, health score, an assessment of risk factors of five chronic diseases whose results will be processed into personalised healthcare recomendation. Personalised healthcare is a concept that Prodia has been promoting since early days, and it will be further supported by genomic/genetic testing.

According to Rudi Cahyadi, Director of Prodia Digital Indonesia, in the future, PRDI will also complete the features of U by Prodia with genomic/genetic testing, which will be combined with other health disciplines, such as nutrition and pharmacy, to deliver higher variety and more personalised healthcare recommendation and services for its users.

U by Prodia prides itself in its massive and unique database of users compiled from different ethnicities in Indonesia to be utilised as an accurate reference for domestic population. “Furthermore, our advantage lies in our laboratory testing services, which have abundance of types of testing, that is offered through this application,” Dewi Muliaty, President Director of PRDA, stated during the press conference of the Launch of U by Prodia yesterday (7/3) in Menteng, Jakarta.

Muliaty admitted that there is an ongoing work of extending the socialization of this digital services of Prodia in various regions in Indonesia. “We need to be more proactive in marketing this application and its usage,” she added.

In the future, Prodia and PRDI do not limit the possibility of branching out and establishing a B2B segment in U by Prodia, as Prodia is known for its B2B services. (ZH)