JAKARTA - Distribution of bank loans in December 2022 reached IDR 6.38 quadrillion, growing 11% from December 2021.

In Bank Indonesia (BI) information published on Tuesday (24/1), Erwin Haryono, Executive Director of the Communication Department of Bank Indonesia (BI) said that the credit distribution for corporate debtors was IDR 3.26 quadrillion and individuals IDR 3.06 quadrillion. In November 2022, the distribution of credit to corporate debtors is IDR 3.23 quadrillion and IDR 3.05 quadrillion to individuals.

Referring to its usage, the distribution of credit in December 2022 for working capital loans (KMK) is IDR 2.88 quadrillion, investment loans are IDR 1.66 quadrillion, and consumer loans are IDR 1.83 quadrillion.

The sectors receiving credit disbursement include the manufacturing and construction industry, real estate and corporate services, home ownership, motor vehicles and multipurpose. (LK/LM)