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JAKARTA – PT Prodia Digital Indonesia (PRDI), the recently formed subsidiary of PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk (PRDA), announces its latest product development called U by Prodia, a digitalised one-stop health and wellness solution.

Following up on the high popularity of digital healthcare service during the pandemic, Prodia adds a new drive for its business in the form of a digital health ecosystem, including the establishment of U by Prodia. This one-stop healthcare application is designed to be able to assess and evaluate health risks, provide telemedicine and home services, aid users in making laboratory test reservation, and even offer personalised healthcare recommendation in one mobile application.

Dewi Muliaty, President Director of Prodia Widyahusada, confirmed that Prodia has already had Prodia Mobile as its initial digital product. However, in the future, the company aims to migrate its users and their data to U by Prodia as its main digital representative. “Thus, we aim to secure at least over 1 million existing users from Prodia Mobile, while targeting to acquire new users as well,” Rudi Cahyadi, Director of Prodia Digital Indonesia, added during the press conference of the Launch of U by Prodia earlier today (7/3).

Regarding the target of PRDI’s performance and its contribution towards PRDA’s performance, Muliaty wishes to attain over 20% growth. “Conventionally, every time we establish a branch, we set its growth target to 20% per year. As this is a digital service with a wider market scope, we seek higher. However, there needs to be a thorough introduction and adjustment with the masses,” she added.

PRDI was recently established by Prodia in 2022. With an authorized capital of IDR 1 trillion and an issued and paid-up capital of IDR 300 billion, it is a company intended to support PRDA’s vision in becoming the next generation healthcare provider through digitalisation. (ZH)