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JAKARTA. PT Surya Semesta Internusa Tbk (SSIA) will reportedly allocate another IDR 1.6 trillion for the construction of Subang Smartpolitan’s infrastructures. The company is said to seek other strategic partners to fund the remaining said smart and green city construction.

Johannes Surjadjaja, President Director of Surya Semesta Internusa, admitted that the company require approximately IDR 1.6 trillion to build Subang Smartpolitan infrastructures within the next 15-18 months. “We have spent IDR 2.5 trillion, yet still need another IDR 1.6 trillion,” he claimed during an event last week.

For this investment, Surjadjaja said that the company has started to reach out to banks to apply for loans. SSIA is also seeking strategic partners to financially aid SSIA in Subang Smartpolitan construction.

According to Surjadjaja, Subang Smartpolitan, as a smart and green city, will be highly expansive and costly. SSIA is planning for Subang Smartpolitan to operate in Q3 2024. (AM/ZH)