JAKARTA - The Financial Services Authority (OJK) is aiming to achieve a 90% Financial Inclusion Index in 2024 by issuing OJK Regulation No.3/2023 concerning Increasing Financial Literacy and Inclusion in the Financial Services Sector for Consumers and the Public.

In a press release published on Friday (24/3), Aman Santosa, Head of the Department of Literacy, Financial Inclusion and Communication of the OJK, said that the POJK had refined POJK No.76/2016 by taking into account the synergy between the government, authorities and financial service business actors related to increasing literacy and inclusion. finance.

The substance of the new regulation includes the involvement of new PUJKs that have emerged as a result of developments in financial services in increasing financial literacy and inclusion, accommodating innovation and technology developments in the financial services sector.

In addition, increasing the quantity of implementing financial literacy and inclusion activities and monitoring aspects of consumer protection in order to increase financial literacy and inclusion by submitting reports on plans and realization of financial literacy and inclusion. (LK/LM)